The D Foundation is founded on the principle that supporting new talent is vital to the UK’s arts and culture industries, At the same time, we perceive that the powerhouses of established creative businesses have become less willing to consistently spotlight a wide range of new, raw talent on their doorstep. As a result, we support young creatives in every aspect in gaining a foothold with the creative sector. 

We support the widening participation of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain skills and employment and
contribute to their respective communities as well as opportunities for under-graduate students. The ‘D’ is for Diversity, and the organisation’s structure is made up of people from many protected characteristics and genders.

The D Foundation’s aim is to support young people with creative talents who want careers within the creative sector. We will support them to become job ready with relevant work experience on live projects through our media partner ASBO magazine. All too often, not having valid work experience can lead to sustained unemployment or being under-employed. We work in partnership to support increased and improved destinations for learners when they complete their programme through our employer and agency links